The corporate website of Shanghai also need to do sex bidding Shanghai Longfeng Mody

But the

enterprise website and the general construction of grassroots webmaster website are different in essence, the enterprise website has often display the role of enterprise image, so the page will often used a large number of pictures including various animations to show it, to show the corporate image has a certain role, but from the website ranking optimization point of view, pictures and animation and other content is not able to play a good role in the promotion of promotion, but it will also reduce the enterprise website ranking. But the enterprise website is not able to use these elements. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng rules change snatched from the jaws of death

Shanghai dragon in the first ten years can be said as long as written keywords, title, description, our website can have very good rankings; in the first five years, as long as we update the article, send the chain can have good rankings; but now there are still many people in the continuous chain, that is the chain website ranking accumulation, as long as the chain is enough, our website ranking is good enough. When such ideas still exist in our mind, I have to say you are the one. Love Shanghai algorithm in recent months, changes in the description, we should not blindly to the hair outside the chain, don’t like "robot" like every day as a day to day send spam. read more

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