China’s e-commerce is just going to be killed

cup, this is the first thought of veterans to see the news. China e-commerce just started, the relevant laws and regulations require taxes, don’t worry about e-commerce Chinese beyond other western countries? So just out of this decision? Or that we China deficits forced to move too much. Or is a little ugly to say outright.


from the truth, the development of electronic commerce China a total of only ten years, real development is only in the last few years thing, from the popularity of that is not a character to write things; after 2008 some four domestic city has just started with e-commerce, but also refers to the operator to 2 song for the year, a new industry, 2 years at the most is the infant baby, his low resistance is very weak, is cannot withstand a single blow.

cup, so cannot withstand a single blow "baby" have to be limited to eat, drink, wear limit, limit.

why? Regulation earlier the Internet has made the development of the Internet Chinese hurt. Compared to the current situation of the development of e-commerce in four cities in China, the city population of less than 3 million of the city to summarize. There are several four cities in the development of e-commerce is a kind of mold; I dare say that the 100 cities are not 5%. In this case, the relevant departments to promote the binding of ZF regulations. Really can not understand!

heartbroken! The mood at the moment is not generally poor! Dare not say, afraid to say so much bad. So, leave the topic for discussion.

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