This summer a little cold buy industry or will enter the winter period


under the influence of the western Groupon model, the domestic network buy nearly a year to get a vigorous development. The rise of group purchase website in China Internet can be regarded as a miracle, just a short time, was born in a number of market value of billions of dollars of the group purchase company. From the beginning of the "hundred regiments" evolved into the "thousand regiment war", the domestic group can be described as the rapid development of


as a clear profit model of the industry, many people coveted this big cake. In order to quickly seize the market, the current large-scale advertising bombing, spend heavily to hire celebrity endorsements and crazy enclosure has become the mainstream trend of the industry to buy. The advertising expenses increased exponentially, but no matter what the market, its growth has a limit, as of the end of June, the domestic group purchase website has grown to more than 1 thousand, grab people, income will decrease.

as a new emerging industry, the domestic group buying site still has many problems to be solved. Performance:

for the user, group purchase website good wilt not neat, the interests of consumers is difficult to obtain the guarantee. Group purchase website good wilt not neat, the products and services provided by the kinds and quality of some low-priced products can not be guaranteed. Many businesses in the registration buy, consumers can not get a satisfactory user experience, and more likely to encounter such a trap. One of Wang Shanghai is one of the victims, Ms. Wang told reporters, a month ago, she was in a place of group purchase website, spent 400 yuan to buy photography packages, results today haven’t send photos. The phone can not get through, the door to find the shop, the boss has been pushing this push it, and finally said to get the photos need to pay another 500 yuan photo processing fees". Ms. Wang also called the contractor to buy the site, the site said that the service period has passed, do not belong to them. Ms. Wang dumbfounding, finally only compromise, and pay 500 yuan to get home photos.

to provide services to buy the site, the user loyalty is not high, some of the behavior is difficult to regulate the behavior of the group purchase.

network to buy the user’s lack of stickiness, which is to buy a lot of websites have a headache. The first face of the upcoming winter group purchase industry, the group purchase website are beginning to reserve their own user resources, vigorously working on community and strengthen customer service service, improve the interaction between network and users, enhance user stickiness on the website. Buy site is a bridge to connect users and physical businesses, but the domestic service industry itself is not very standardized, it is not very standard. Users get good shopping experience, tend to blame the group purchase website. As the saying goes: good things do not go out, bad news. Do 10 times a good buy, get points, but also can not be a bad experience minus points. In order to the healthy development of the entire group buying industry, 3721tuan buy navigation station called on the majority of the Internet peers, on the one hand, self-discipline, the various groups to buy information on a strict audit, on the one hand to do a good job of product services, >