Advertising began intelligent – the results of the network chain experience

New Year’s day when the Internet at home, after killing a set of WOW (outdated) to see the Union yesterday’s income. Because Baidu to the afternoon before the data. Baidu. Ali mama. 91 after a look to see the results of the network, doing their panelpower, I heard that the effect is good, but did not try. Look at the data yesterday 5, also found that this thing is always data, today there are three, have good effect. So see if there are other ads to do.

and then found the navigation bar on the accident more than a flash chain, flash chain?.

first glance. A simple look, – – is it your own advertising?

whether he is in the drop-down box to select the site, and then choose to make a new ad. Then write their own names, point down to find and take GG code.

then appeared a lot of advertising, it seems to me to pick a few ads, I probably understand this chain flash is what is the kind of stuff, estimate the carousel, and then completed advertising code. Is wondering how only so little? Point to return, found a senior set the following selection of advertising, in the point that is similar to GG, select the color of what, not what new ideas, but also have some GG function here.: -)

Click to see the effect, display and GG, such as almost all of the word advertising advertising, after a while to automatically flip to my choice of other ads, huh, huh, good.

then consulted a duck, he said that now can be used, simple consulting, some is quite convenient, for example in the background I can directly change the advertising, I have a strong province to my own station in advertising, in addition the operation interface is like Google, so familiar.

simply said his feelings:

first. Introduction is not very detailed, it is not very conspicuous, want to understand the need for some time.

second. Advanced Settings button is not conspicuous, thanks to my careful, or do not know how to set up.

third. The bottom right corner of the word advertising "Chanet results network to provide advertising," ah, I was the first time to see such a long standard drop it, ugly dead.

fourth. The function is not very rich, you should be able to refresh the page advertising brush, or even the transformation of advertising should let me set a few seconds to change it. In addition to allow me to set the weight of the ads show ah.

, but relatively speaking, the background of this intelligent advertising function is a good innovation. Save me a lot of time for advertising. In addition, my station is also like text ads. Carousel function also allows me more revenue.

in general: This is an intelligent form of advertising, like, but may not mature enough, so many aspects are not particularly good, >