Treasure net new three board listing today layout supply chain construction

sina science and technology news January 26th afternoon news, this afternoon, the domestic luxury electricity supplier treasure net landing three new board, becoming the first domestic luxury electricity supplier. In the opinion of the treasures of the network founder and CEO Cao Yundong, the biggest problem facing all the domestic luxury goods business is the supply chain authorization problem, is the construction of supply chain and supplier negotiation based on consideration of the listing.

Cao Yundong believes that the treasure will be listed after the listing of the network to facilitate the introduction of more European luxury brands. In fact, the treasures of the network is Cao Yundong to create the second listed companies in 2010, Cao Yundong led the U.S. listed shares. In Cao Yundong view, the target users treasure network to domestic consumers, the choice of landing in the domestic capital market will be of great help to the market value of the enterprise.

data show that the treasures of the network was established in March 25, 2011, mainly relying on the PC side of the web and mobile terminal APP, luxury and high-end living goods sales service to discount the sale in the form of.

since the second half of 2014, treasure net business started from the PC side to the mobile electricity supplier transformation. May 2015 A round of financing, and announced the mobile terminal as a strategic plan for future development. According to Cao Yundong revealed that the treasure in the second half of 2015 mobile terminal turnover accounted for more than 90% of total revenue, at the same time, treasure network is focused on the force of the supply chain, the gradual layout of cross-border electricity supplier. (Zhou Xuedie)