The new system has brought new challenges to the Jingdong, the successful signing of Kao honey Amoy


these two days of cross-border electricity supplier aspects of the news worthy of attention. First of all, the plight of the upcoming collapse of honey Amoy news, merchandise shelves, people run away, founder lost contact, etc., people can not help but to hold the sweat. As one of the earliest cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurs honey Amoy, once make snap performance, become the daring vanguard industry. It was in 2014 scored the next round of financing, announced the annual turnover broken million, and in 2015 618 large electricity providers to promote "openly challenge the Jingdong and other cross-border electricity company, the momentum is compelling, but are now facing the unsustainable situation.

another big news from last year by honey Amoy openly challenge the Jingdong. On March 31st, the global purchase Jingdong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Japan Kao Kao Group officially, the official flagship store in May will be officially log Jingdong global purchase, Jingdong has become the global purchase Chinese cross-border electricity supplier only Kao direct supply of proprietary platforms.

Kao is a prominent Japanese manufacturing enterprises, its safe and reliable products, superior quality, highly Chinese consumers. From the earlier purchase, purchase to sea cross-border electricity today, Kao "wonderful and comfortable" diapers are the main explosive products, and even called the most important Chinese products to promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier is not excessive. Before the cross-border electricity supply channels are Kao dealers, not only in the supply channel clutter, is not stable. Who can direct cooperation and Japan Kao Group, will undoubtedly occupy the initiative, enjoy the brand licensing and supply chain advantage.

under the new tax system, 2016 cross-border electricity supplier is facing a new test

April 8th China will implement cross-border electricity supplier retail import new tax policy, and adjust the tax policy. Overall, the rate of cross-border electricity supplier is indeed improved. This cross-border electricity supplier is a huge test, cross-border electricity supplier is facing reshuffle situation. The industry believes that the new tax system is the last straw to overwhelm the honey Amoy, honey Amoy is the first cross-border electricity supplier fell in 2016, but it will not be the last one.

in fact, the official implementation of the new tax system, the current cross-border electricity supplier overall market, the positive significance of it is far greater than the negative impact.

is the first of all, from the policy level that can confirm the cross-border electricity market position, get rid of the uncertain factors to the original, the cross-border electricity supplier industry reassures, so as to avoid the policy risk, is conducive to long-term development of cross-border electricity supplier.

second, this reform has unified strong operational, from the aspect of operation greatly reduces the system cost and the operation cost of cross-border electricity supplier, provide a guarantee for the stability of the policy of steady development of cross-border business.

moreover, cross-border electricity supplier and general trade importers stand almost the same starting line, conducive to the healthy development of the foreign trade industry as a whole. Of course, this marks the end of the previous era of small tax-free, dividend policy is no longer. For those who are just cross-border and cross-border, eat policy dividend cross-border electricity supplier >