The idle goods trading platform love was announced as the 30 million investment

DoNews6 on Sept. 7 news (reporter Wang Jinbao) idle goods trading platform "love" recently announced the acquisition of 30 million yuan Angel round of financing, the financing of the music as the lead investor, Jiuai founder Guo Peng said that the financing will be mainly used for iteration and product development, and will also invest in brand promotion.


investors, investment value is not only love to share the development trend of economy, pay more attention to the development mode of love itself, from the current development of second-hand goods trading platform, the platform level difference between more love the main humanity feelings, feelings of power derived from a transaction from the ring. In the realization of the user experience, need more to meet the current user.

According to

reports, Jiuai officially released iOS version and the version of Android in 2016 April, covering clothing, 3C, luxury goods, supplies, Home Furnishing whole category of idle second-hand goods trading platform.

because the market has been idle fish platform owned by Taobao and its 58 around, for love is to choose 3C and luxury of the two products as a starting point. Compared to the other two platforms, the old love of 3C and luxury goods are used in conjunction with other vertical secondary platform, but also access to other platforms products.

at the same time, more emphasis on the role of old social attributes in the product, by creating an online social platform for second-hand goods transactions in a social way, and these users are free to express their views, a circle of opinion leaders.

at present, Jiuai on-line a month, the number of registered users reached 300 thousand people, month turnover breaking million. Next will be pushed through the way, such as large-scale brand promotion.

It is reported that

, the old team currently has more than and 30 people, mainly in the 3C digital and luxury goods, and luxury goods department has established a testing center, will be identified by the third party.