t has become the richest man in 80 Wang Qicheng once a day to eat three kinds of drugs

Wang Qicheng said, in fact, very few opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Wang Qicheng

"I’d like to introduce myself. I’m definitely not Wang Sicong. My name is Wang Qicheng." At 10 a.m. today, Wang Qicheng, the richest man in the world, was on the podium at the annual meeting of the Chinese Communist Party (fifteenth) of the year of 2016 (the 80). The opening of his confidence, because the young man from Zhejiang, with 24 billion 500 million yuan of wealth, "the top 80 start empty-handed rich list" in the general list, also entered the top 100, limelight strong Wang Sicong.

had the media will belong to 60 after 70 and 80, Ma Yun, Jia Yueting, Wang Qicheng called the three generation dreamer. Aura, with background music by Wang Qicheng, appeared in the warm applause, he is wearing glasses, a little fat, very introverted, does not conform to his style of speaking.

Wang Qicheng said, in fact, very few opportunities for entrepreneurship. Because he had done a statistics to three years as a unit, after 80 mining and seize the opportunity to grasp the difficulty of the business is a geometric rise. Subsequently, he added, the opportunity is less 90. Then, he continued to evaluate 90, our company has a lot of 90 executives. I like them very much, because after 90 have not suffered, 90 after the conditions are very good, they are very simple, very good, so they are in the hearts of hope how to make this society more beautiful."

is so poor business environment, from a student to a new generation of entrepreneurs leader, from the University of business and earn millions to now a net worth of over twenty billion, behind Wang Qicheng’s success story and has a kind of business logic? Perhaps, these questions make people look forward to Wang Qicheng’s speech.

Wang Qicheng, the answer is very simple, "Lei Jun has a famous saying: in the air, pigs can fly. I also have a saying: I will come before the wind, sitting in the pig position."

even catch the air, entrepreneurship is still very hard, Wang Qicheng said he had started the business, only more than and 20 years old to eat the three drugs, the first is fatty liver, because to socialize. The second one is sleeping pills because they can’t sleep every night. Third he has forgotten, because the pain do not want to recall. But Wang Qicheng told us that the best investment is entrepreneurship. "I will give you his example, we have three generations of ancestors who do business, from the family to the poor and blank now relatively rich, is through entrepreneurship to change their own destiny. I have just mentioned the valuation of 1 billion of the company for about six months. So I would like to say that any one investment, it is impossible to do more than their own business to make money."

in his speech, Wang Qicheng also mentioned the Xinjiang Wang Tao, also referred to the father of ma. Wang Qicheng said he had seen Ma Yun many times, the most admired thing is that the eyes of the eyes of the ten year after the year to see the future, but he can only see the future in after three years.

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I’d like to introduce myself. I’m definitely not Wang