Who is financing $one hundred million Unicorn crashing down! Five creative enterprises of life and d

Abstract: in fact, the amount of financing is considerable, not necessarily be able to ensure that the enterprise will eventually succeed. The five start-ups are a living example of how much of the amount of money they have received from investors before they went bankrupt was around $100 million or more.


in the field of start-ups, failure is a common thing. For the founder, to maintain the company’s survival is a very laborious thing. Experts point out that in this industry, in a timely manner to sum up lessons learned from failure and continue to move forward is the right way to start a business. When we see a number of employees of start-ups and the number of shareholders known, capital strength is abundant, it must be understood that these are not seems so simple.

we all know that Rome was not built in a day, success is not a short duration of time can be achieved. Startups encounter Waterloo is normal, but insist on climbing up is also very normal. Previously, we have reported a superior ability of female CEO, her own will go all the way down, and the company will develop into the income of billions of dollars of large enterprises, has become the focus of attention of the moment.

A report by analyst CBInsights

famous venture capital, in their venture capital and angel investment database, there have been 92 enterprises is to get a $more than 100 million financing, however, these companies finally failed to avoid bankruptcy.

this, there are many causes of bankruptcy, most of them are fatal, for example, in order to win in the competition of financial fraud, for instance can not guarantee the sustainable revenue growth, but also continue to burn.

we carry out various aspects of the analysis, the list of five representative enterprises, for everyone to learn summary.

NO.1 creative product socialization electricity supplier Quirky – the cost of serious problem

Quirky is a creative products from the United States, New York, community and e-commerce sites, it uses crowdsourcing way, so that the community from the submission of ideas to start, participate in the entire process of product development. Although it was at the beginning of the appearance of the public questioned, but with the development of a period of time, Quirky successfully attracted the attention of many well-known VC investors, such as Kleiner

Perkins Caufield &, Byers and Andreessen Horowitz, etc., and received a $185 million financing.

in spite of this, the company is still a systemic problem. The amount of financing Quirky is indeed impressive, but it costs too much money business model. It is not like Kickstarter just to provide a platform for the founder of the public to raise the platform, Quirky to provide services to entrepreneurs a wide range of activities, such as student