Mobile food social prospects

mobile Internet from the domestic concept of speculation has been developed for four or five years. In recent years, the development of mobile internet speed is not to pay attention to a few days a thousand li a day, there will be a dynamic industry with time feeling, people with profound respect and humility. Even so, all kinds of app store application number has more than 1 million mobile applications often use may be less than 1/10000, the same as people sad endless.

at the end of last year, the industry veteran said that this year the mobile Internet to enter the deep water area, will start with a lot of vertical, traditional, offline combination. Especially when O2O came, a variety of vertical, traditional and offline combination is even more apparent, such as cooking, laundry, taxi, selling fruit, etc.. However, in addition to these, the combination of online and offline vertical social is also a lot of talk about the broad prospects of the field, but there has been no breakthrough. In this paper, the water will be a mobile food culture as a case, do some superficial analysis.

first, the development of vertical social applications difficult

sand water for a long time to observe the development of vertical social applications there are 3 major difficulties:

1, vertical subdivision, the market is limited, the user access difficult.

for this, it is easy to understand. Like micro-blog, WeChat and so on are the public social, is oriented to all users, in the promotion of Pegasus star can, as much as possible to get the user to. For the vertical social applications is not, mostly born a hobby or a single demand based on user oriented scale may be popular social 1/N, and want to find the 1/N users also faces two difficulties: one is difficult to find the user, because the user’s fans, want to touch the two is difficult; get the user cost is high, because the main way of promotion or a variety of channels, Android market channels, are for the whole channel users, not an exact match, the cost is very high.

2, user stickiness, high loss rate.

generally speaking, the user stickiness of social applications is relatively high. However, due to the relatively small size of the vertical application of the user, the purpose of social purposes is particularly clear, this time the threshold of social relations will be relatively high, the user will be more critical. Such as dating type application is in order to find the right object, if there is always no response will greet downhearted, go off in a huff. However, if the gender with high correlation, the user stickiness will be unusually high, such as sand and water before the exposure of the XX Gang, a married woman for social applications, for a period of time inside the Yellow figure everywhere, the topic is extremely Madden, attracted numerous men diving coveted, I heard recently also received 20 million dollars in financing. However, this is only a branch of vertical social applications.

3, a long period of market cultivation, commercial long journey.

vertical market segments are generally to be tapped, the user needs to grasp