Talking about with the death of soft power marketing

a product advertising picture only, must not sell a product, advertising only text, not sold, this is the week about pony instructors in the teaching of words, one is certain, one is not necessarily a short sentence, we can feel the words how much is the charm, this is our topic today, marketing.

A: what is soft Wen marketing

The essence of

marketing is advertising, but belongs to the concealed advertisement, it main emphasis is on a soft word, is in the user imperceptibly being brought into the circle of marketing, if the marketing two words removed, it is a good article, reading is very strong, the user experience is also very good. It is not like the title of the party as to the finger, not as usual we see that low-level advertising (fire sale, pure herbal essence) let people numb, it is to let a person love, let the pony definition, it has the connotation of.

In fact,

on TV we often see soft advertising similar marketing, it will not repeatedly referred to their products how good, but take a touching scene, let people enter the scene, and then referred to a product, this effect will be better than direct advertising products, because the moving scene will let users remember, will also increase the product


two: how to do soft marketing

first you have to be an attractive title to their soft, or is a controversial title, so that other people will find your article, do network marketing, we must remember a word: the majority of Internet users is fickle, he won’t have time to go one by one click. So we have to use a good title to attract users.

is the second, and most important, we need to write a good article, in the article, you are like a movie director, you need to guide a good movie, the plot of the story you can but be realistic, a powerful and unconstrained style, not writing, otherwise no one will believe us you can write a beautiful love story like articles, suspense and so on, in the article, the clever to join our advertising products, avoid: do not deliberately, otherwise it will let users disgusted! While you do marketing success, you can send to the forum to try, see the user comments, if people one can say that you are advertising, is the failure of


three: why soft marketing energy so big?

believe that after reading the above all friends will have such a question, please listen to the pony said that marketing is indirect in marketing, it made a touching or suspense article, use words to evoke emotion and controversy in people’s mind, on this basis, cleverly added their own advertising, from the beginning to the end, the user is in the puzzle, we can often see in some well-known forum hot posts, that it is in the marketing, on the controversial topic or story, but there are a few replies know that marketing is more in a moving.