America grapefruit three years of barbaric growth, from a smart aunt towel to the E round of financi

female assistant America grapefruit has announced the completion of $1 billion E round of financing. At the same time, the United States announced the completion of the demolition of pomelo VIE architecture, formally seek domestic capital market.

Beauty grapefruit

said that this round of financing use will have a part for receiving $capital exit, another part will be used to support the development of the company.


Beauty grapefruit

official data data show that the current number of registered users more than 100 million users daily living number 6 million to 7 million.

its last round of financing was completed in December last year. Most startups fell in the capital of winter, and the beauty of grapefruit in the winter. Contrarian outbreak, hatching baby, maternal community pomelo grapefruit street fashion business, and successfully achieve the profit scale.

Beauty grapefruit

how to do that? It is worth pondering.

– just from the need to cut, directly seize the user pain points –

according to the U.S. grapefruit CTO money self introduction, the beginning of the project is in the electricity supplier website, found that female participation is very high. After looking for a lot of girls communication needs, found that girls have a certain demand for menstrual records.

April 2013, the United States sleeve line. As a female menstrual assistant to provide women with physical health related information services. After a week of traffic on the line over 10000, Android less than two weeks to activate the amount of more than 200 thousand.


menstrual management function every woman needs, and every month needs. By recording this one point of breakthrough, to solve the user pain points, grapefruit accumulated rapidly in the first batch of users.

– another way to let users benefit from the advertising

rely on traffic to sell advertising is a common way to implement the Internet industry, but the realization of the flow of PC era failed to be copied to the mobile Internet era, advertisers are no longer easy to throw money on the app.


founder Chen Fangyi believes that the positioning for the female population of the United States grapefruit compared to other tools like APP are more likely to be realized. Advertising as an example, the current U.S. grapefruit advertisers include cosmetic beauty and Taobao, Jingdong, and other electronic business platform, these are women pay more attention to the field; remove some Banner advertising and home Feed flow promotion, America grapefruit will do some interactive advertising planning, for example, in a Estee Lauder advertisement just finished, users can fill out the questionnaire. The trial installation.

Chen Fangyi said that the most important thing is to allow users to advertise in the benefits of advertising. For example, the thread for the grab floor, win prizes, "through our interactive planning, implementation of the brand and the community, can achieve better communication effect,"

in July this year, the U.S. grapefruit > Gen