How to use MMS advertising marketing website

marketing methods, most of the methods, has been well known by the powerful internet. Although the bad method will work, but it will be too much for many people and greatly reduced. At this time there is a need for innovative ways to promote the emergence of. Today to introduce a timely and accurate and has a marketing method for large area destruction — MMS marketing.

first to analyze your website, your user base is? Is suitable for MMS MMS is now marketing, e-commerce or enterprise website has, so need to weigh your advance is not suitable for this field.

to collect a large number of customers mobile phone number and then through legitimate channels, can use the website registration function, in the registration information to fill in on the mobile phone number to verify the identity, this is actually a kind of database marketing. Or through other channels to obtain, here do not elaborate. In short, the more accurate the phone number is you must have.

next to the network service provider, MMS advertising service platform to find several reliable, comparison. Can through the search engine search function, Baidu Google can cooperate with our company website called airdrop network ( cooperation for more than three years, and the rate of delivery of services to MMS are very good, recommend you here small. Of course, you can go to the question and answer platform to find their own answers.


and MMS advertising service after the contact, we need a mobile phone with the publicity pictures and writing of this case, we recount it, the title of the party, the party who play soft strength of the place, but it should be noted that MMS MMS is generally of limited size. But the general channel is MMS Gateway and virtual gateway, the gateway is display the number 106, virtual gateway shows the mobile phone number, and gateway arrival rate should be higher than the virtual gateway, but the price will be more expensive a few cents.

made a series of efforts, in exchange for a visit with the conversion rate of customers, do not let up, MMS MMS marketing has just begun, this time, you have a fixed group, you can continue through the MMS marketing approach to the maintenance of the old customers, according to statistics to maintain an old customer from repeated consumption and to be lower than the creation of a new customer costs more. Can be issued once a week on the latest corporate publicity or promotional messages to the customer’s mobile phone terminal, increasing you in his life in the frequency, but not the frequency is too high, would be counterproductive.

note, before doing promotion for the product, please make sure the products are reliable and trustworthy products, not kengmeng users, such products do better is the only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum may even have a negative effect.

don’t continue every day for a mobile phone number to send MMS ads, so you will not get the desired effect.

choose a good reputation, service providers in MMS platform can stand the test of time, not freeloaders. >