How to improve the content of SEO web site coverage

recently many people have asked me the same question, is the site of the article not included, I see they say they are not included in the site, really have various defects, so Lin Jianhui today to talk about how to improve the collection rate of website content.



site optimization is through the SEO technology to do the site has a good ranking, but to optimize the site must be included in the search engine, this is a prerequisite. Not included, then there is no optimization of the back, there is no good traffic and ranking, then should be raised if the SEO site included rate


1: develop the habit of observing spiders

each search engine on the web site content, are searching through the spider to grab the contents. So in order to improve the collection rate, you must know the search engine spiders love what kind of things to your site spider crawl time, and what you love the spider web content, suggest that you didn’t watch all the IIS log, check the spider today several times, a few points, grab what page to the content of the website, have a good income, must go to observe the spider, slowly raise the city to search the spider a good habit, so it can improve the site included.

2: original does not mean high quality

many sites are reproduced and pseudo original content, and readability is not high. We can find that the content of this site is relatively low. In doing so, SEO, to update more original content on the website, Baba SEO Lin Jianhui remind website content must have readability, we recommended to change the original article Baidu love ideas for Baidu love readability of the original article.

3: search engines like static


said that Baidu does not discriminate against dynamic pages, but people understand that, to optimize a site must be to use static pages, unless you have a high quality of the chain platform as well as the promotion of the news media. Static website, when the site in the design of the URL path, the best is the use of static and dynamic compared to the search engine, more love static url. because the static web access speed is very fast and easy to search spider crawling web content, search spiders will stay for a time in each network station. Then grab fast, it is proved that the spider in the limited time to grab the more content, the more the site included.

4: related internal links

reasonable within the chain, each page in the site should have 3-4 within the chain, and the chain to point to the relevance of the content. Reasonable construction of the chain to the site’s content in a network of the structure, so the search spiders will be easy to crawl, crawl to the contents of the relevant page. This can also improve the site’s coverage rate.

summary: if you do SEO website >