How to promote the sale mall website

the webmaster, I’m van sickle leaf. I contact for sale mall websites for many, do sale mall website isn’t too long, but I know how much do sale mall site related things, someone asked me before the group purchase website but as the saying goes, do not eat pork pig run have seen something more or less, I also know the group purchase website some time ago, someone asked me about the mall website optimization that has no time to do so no, today I will take this article for some customers not forming promotion methods say to you, but I am also at the exploratory stage, we learn from each other.

I found the

of mall website has a lot of promotion methods, but the most crazy thing Baidu promotion is, but there is one point that calls a lot, for our small webmaster or want to save money, so to maximize the effect, then is a lot and some mall site, if some large the mall site, this traffic is amazing. The second is known as the soft Wen promotion, out of the soft Wen promotion of some understanding, today we will introduce soft promotion,

a, do soft Wen promotion reason

First we introduce what is

promotion is soft, soft Wen promotion is based on text ads invisible, making the readers enjoy the high quality content of the soft bring colleagues, a positive effect on your writing or publicity things. Have an effect on your opinion or the product you want to promote. So the soft Wen promotion can play what role?

1, brand promotion. Brand promotion is particularly important for sale mall class website. But there are a lot of people think that spend a lot of money in the soft Wen is no meaning.

2, sales promotion. No matter what kind of website, profit is very important, if not profitable your site even ranked in the first place in Baidu, also have no meaning. So, there is a kind of soft charm is can enhance our sales, improve our website profit and sale mall website like this is very important.

3, website optimization. A soft, if the left link, but also do the anchor text, then put to the main website, or by the high popularity of the forum, this article believe that the chain is the high quality of the chain, the chain like this than you released general garbage or strong chain ten times or even a hundred times, so let your work be quite simple.

two, select the high weight of soft Wen promotion platform

since the understanding of the soft Wen promotion effect, then we will begin to release, some people want to ask, where to release it popular, here to introduce you to choose what kind of platform for the promotion of soft Wen promotion:

1, highly popular website. Promotion of soft Wen is to choose a high popularity of the website to promote, or you send >