Taobao shop authentication system to upgrade the need to take pictures of the record on the road to

The Seller shall be new and old photographs for the record

before June 30th

webmaster network February 23rd news, today, there are news Taobao change shop certification rules, crown level sellers cry no tears. The news at the beginning of February a "comprehensive upgrade" shop certification system appeared in Taobao news online, "said before June 30, 2012, all new shop and shop users shall complete the certification and filing." A written authentication system of the latest announcement: in the new registered shop in individual sellers, ID card information must be submitted at the same time, upload my handheld ID card photo alignment and my upper body, a total of two photos. From January 11, 2012 to June 30, 2012, will have open shop seller certification application, before all the new shop and shop users shall complete the certification and filing.

little impact on the new sellers old sellers headache

Taobao merchant typical authentication problem

photo record sample demonstration

webmaster network editor to visit Taobao sellers Center found that the seller ID card authentication system has indeed been open. Not only the old sellers need to be certified, new sellers also need positive "upload photo ID card hand and the upper body two photos, through the certification can formally set up shop. In the Taobao seller ID page also gives a demonstration sample of real people. Taobao big head has become today’s micro-blog, QQ, a major topic of discussion related forums. Many sellers joked this way a bit like prison inmates before the prison information collection. For the new seller, the shop must be completed before the record, so the impact is not large. But for the old seller, but it is a very headache thing. It is understood that after the completion of the certification Taobao seller information is difficult to change, and there are a lot of old sellers had not used their identity card authentication information, which brings a lot of trouble. Earlier news also gives 3 typical cases of authentication will be difficult. 1, enterprise certification, legal person can not contact. 2, the certification has passed away. 3, the use of other people’s identity authentication, can not contact the certification. Taobao store there are a lot of non identity authentication, this is common sense, if unable to complete the certification, Taobao will take tough measures, especially the seller for Taobao crown stores, will bring huge losses.

at the end of February without certification for the record or will affect the ranking


does not affect the certification ranking

currently Taobao official did not make it clear that the buyer does not complete the photo certification will face the danger of closing the shop. But from the announcement can be found, in order to urge the seller to complete the photo certification, Taobao also took some manual intervention. In the center of the top sellers played at the end of February before Taobao certification will affect search rankings, immediately do authentication, "identity" of the seller. (except for Tmall users)