China’s nternet industry in the ten regions of influence

      there is a place where there are rivers and lakes, there are rivers and lakes in the local nature of the emergence of a hero. The hero is lovely and respectable. China’s Internet ten years, the Internet has taken time to the era of the 2. No matter what the time comes, we need to maintain a spirit of innovation and cooperation in this thriving industry. China’s Internet is largely affected by the region, Beijing is China’s Internet distribution center, but also the industry’s bustling place. But the country has some typical power influence development of local Internet industry, especially these people use their own resources and personal influence in the region to actively promote the development of the Internet industry has made many contributions, they in public and sincerely touched China Internet industry. As the media industry, we strongly admire the character of the shiny personality, through their footprints in the industry to find every hero to bring us a passion for the Chinese Internet industry and the industry a harmonious atmosphere.

list of ten influential people in the region:

Beijing: Liu Ren

      Liu Ren IT, the domestic well-known forum DONEWS producer, writer IT. Liu Ren experienced the Internet ten years from a grassroots reporters to hardcore domestic Internet absolute soul character, Liu Ren used IT writing community more than 40 thousand IT IT news reporter, to create a strong platform for the Internet industry. In 2006, the successful acquisition of DONEWS Thousand Oaks, once the industry’s explosive news. Liu Ren founded 5G comments in the industry enjoyed a high influence. At the same time, DONEWS industry gathering, also known as the Chinese Internet industry, Oscar, the annual Internet heroes list indicates the direction of China’s Internet model. Considerable influence of the domestic industry.

Shanghai; Wang an

      Wang Chenyun, founder of the star network. Wang Chenyun were removed from the Internet circle for more than ten years, proficient in all types of website operation mode and electronic commerce. The author of "master of war", in 2006 launched a web version of IT chat show "Chen Yun interview on the wealth network" has aroused strong repercussions in the industry is not small. Accumulated in the Wang Chenyun years resources and friends support, in 2006 12 held in Shanghai Internet industry on an unprecedented scale "IT Shanghai" industry conference, the meeting held successfully, the Shanghai Internet industry to achieve the effective communication within the industry made a very good start. Wang Chenyun is also a professional media darling, thousands of people reported. Wang Chenyun is the core figure of Shanghai industry contacts, natural influence will not be too low.

Guangzhou: Zheng Yujie

      Zheng Yujie IT, founder of the tea net. Mention Guangzhou’s Internet industry, or you arrived in Guangzhou, as long as Zheng Yujie often participate in IT tea, then you will be in a short time familiar with the area of the Internet industry, can quickly reach a >