SEO between good and evil

SEO black hat white hat gray hat is always the topic of endless discussion. Take Suzhou SEO is also the same, the public said that the public justified, the woman said the reason. Search engine to protect the quality of their search results, Suzhou SEO is also in order to mix mouth eat.

I think SEO is black hat techniques or white, should not see the search engine how to judge, but to see whether or not worthy of their own conscience? If you have touched the moral bottom line? Some things and SEO, the search engine ranking not what relationship, but is a wicked thing, that is the black hat is not do. Of course, some search engines do not want you to do, but did not sorry who, when necessary, there is nothing to hesitate, despite doing.

like a few days ago that false news, in fact, to the search engine, this news in the relevance, importance even entertainment, what is the big difference with the April Fool’s joke did not seem?. But it touched a moral bottom line. Should you take the risk of the client’s website, whether it should lie in order to link


, such as pay link problem. Google nearly a year and SEO communication is one of the most important thing is to crack the payment link, but also for the existence of this problem in Suzhou SEO. Based on the site of the people can actually do not have to stand Google as their buying links. Before the sale of links called online advertising, as early as before the birth of Google has existed for many years. Buyers and sellers I wish you love, sell links get cash, buy links get traffic and brand. There is nothing wrong with this, who does not interfere, but will not cause any harm to the user. So as long as the conditions permit, despite doing.

, of course, to buy links if you simply hold the idea of ranking, is another matter. If the sale link is to be used as advertising, ranking if there is a promotion, it is a red envelope.

another example. Search engine that is cheating hidden pages, you can not do it? In fact, hidden pages can also be used in the place of justice. All of the online collection of plagiarism objectionable, hidden pages can also be used to violence with violence, justice. Through the program or even artificial research, find the malicious acquisition of the IP address and the program features, then all the normal user and the normal search engine returns to normal results, and returns a set of these malicious programs deserve acquisition results, for example contains some who are not willing to put in their own things on the site…

acquisition and copying other site procedures are massive generation, few people will see your site collection what. It’s not evil to give them something that can lead to punishment or even more serious consequences.

so SEO between good and evil is in their own a wrong thought in passing. The technique itself and no right or wrong, but why to do is webmaster? In order to entrap others is the premise of their own benefit? "