EDealduJour.com Groupon model to do the dating site


eDealduJour.com: use Groupon mode to do dating site

Groupon is one of the hottest Internet sites in the global, not just in its business model, profit rate, venture capital blitz, is "a group purchase daily this concept and model applied to more fields, such as applied to the work area of the TheJobRoulette site, such as" who come and join me for lunch the GrubWith.us website also has daily shadow group purchase…… The dating site eDealduJour.com, which is introduced today, is one of them, introducing a single man every day, and a female friend who is interested in it……

site name: eDealduJour.com (http://s.edealdujour.com/)

on-line time: March 2011

site location:

, FranceThe appearance of the

eDealduJour website is obviously with a strong French romantic atmosphere, using the concept of Groupon a day to buy, to use it to dating sites. The daily launch a single male, of course, the future may also launch the "female version", will I say out loud……

According to the

eDealduJour website, the current list of single men mainly from the user registration and active participation, interested men will be your basic information (age, height, weight, occupation, city, photos, etc.) for the other half of the expectation, self display (such as photos, video etc.) submitted to the site, then eDealduJour will go through manual editing and screening, eDealduJour did not know the rules here is what? By the website of men receiving by eDealduJour for data processing, and then put the website home page, show 24 hours. During this period, the woman who is interested in the man can get in touch with the way eDealduJour offers.

eDealduJour launched in the first 3 weeks, the men themselves are free, but I will have to charge 290 euros promotion fee, including the eDealduJour website for editing pictures, video, and in the home show 1 days. In addition, eDealduJour will also be charged in terms of if the user to query the history of the file (which have been in such a display of men) or subscribe to all the information to show the need to pay.

eDealduJour read this way, think its really creative: traditional dating website +Groupon mode, there are fees, only users who will accept? Those single men will pay, let yourself go home "exhibition.