Chinese domain name global upgrade Chinese.Cn can automatically upgrade chinese

. China will officially enter the global Internet in 2009, following the ".Cn", on behalf of the Chinese Internet on the Chinese top-level domain name.

today, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held a global promotion of Chinese domain name "China" ceremony. People are very familiar with ".Cn", ".Us" and other countries and regions on behalf of the domain name category, but the domain name has always been expressed in English, non English speaking countries in the use of the country’s culture and there is a larger gap. Therefore, according to the latest resolution of the internet name and Number Distribution Agency (ICCAN) meeting, China will be written in 2009, the global root domain name system, can be accessed directly by global Internet users. By then, China will be the same as ".Cn", on behalf of the Chinese domain name on the internet.

upgrade action after the start, all the "Chinese.CN" registered users will automatically receive the corresponding "Chinese. (DOT) Chinese" domain name, so you can first protect the existing registered users upgrade rights, prevent the cause in the Chinese domain name registration after the opening of losses. It is understood that, at present, the state has promulgated the "measures" and improve the management of Internet domain name China standard domain name registration regulations, government organization name, geographical names and other words is subject to special protection, for the commercial brand, Chinese Internet Network Information Center will also do some protection to some well-known enterprises and institutions.

China Internet Network Information Center Li Xiaodong said: "but we cannot do it for all the people still need personal protection, in this case, the enterprise can play their own initiative to take the initiative to protect the brand name registration down."

new domain name will inevitably lead to a new round of cybersquatting boom. In order to avoid disputes caused by the registered brand, CNNIC will keep the registered users upgrade rights have been registered "Chinese.Cn" domain users will automatically receive the corresponding "Chinese China domain.".

it is understood that the Internet users do not use the browser, the current IE7, FIREFOX, OPERA, SAFARI, and IE based browser software development will be able to resolve.