Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning police cracked a number of cases of nternet pornography


nine ministries against the regulation of the Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information special action, the public security organs to increase the crackdown on Internet pornography is illegal and criminal activities, Internet pornography has new trends, the vast majority of pornographic web server migration to the outside, at the same time, domestic pornographic activities gradually to the QQ group blog, network services, secret transfer. Recently, Beijing, Jiangsu Xuzhou, Shandong Yantai, Liaoning Shenyang police uncovered a number of Internet pornography cases, a heavy blow to the arrogance of criminals, effectively purify the network environment.

first, Jiangsu and other places of the police successfully cracked overseas sex bar sex8 Website Dissemination of pornographic materials case. In December 2009, Jiangsu Province Bureau of Xuzhou City Police Detachment net work, the city people to participate in the management of overseas ". Sex8" Chinese pornographic websites. The site suspected by recruiting members moderators, etc., to our country and wantonly spread pornographic information, and through bank transfer, online payment and other ways to seek illegal interests. After initial verification, the site has 8 large plates, 22 districts, 124 sub sectors, 3 million 320 thousand registered members, VIP members 2400 people, 800 thousand posts, 6 million 400 thousand posts, foreign large Chinese pornographic websites. After further reconnaissance, police investigators to find out the site of the internal organizational structure and system, identified more than 30 domestic key management personnel, involving 23 provinces of Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei and Shandong (autonomous regions and municipalities), identified all more than 50 thousand pornographic pictures, articles more than 1 thousand and 500 and more than 1 thousand and 300 movies. In the evidence, the identity of the persons involved, the gang clear clear organizational structure under the unified deployment of Ministry of public security, in January 14th, the country’s 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) more than and 50 arrest team of more than 300 police carried out the arrests, have arrested domestic general webmaster Lee and other criminal suspects 81. The trial identified outside the "Xing" pornographic websites through a VIP member channel profit, the website VIP membership of 2400 people, the charging standard for the quarter, VIP 238 yuan, 398 yuan, the first half of the VIP annual VIP 796 yuan, through the industrial and commercial bank account transfer for profit, at the same time, more than Xing "sites on the site of the Super Moderator level 37 management staff monthly 300 yuan to 1500 yuan subsidies ranging from.

up to now, some provinces and cities to catch up with the work of the public security organs are still tense, there are 62 suspects were under criminal detention according to law, the situation is under further investigation.

two, Beijing police successfully cracked the case of the use of blog to spread pornographic information from the 3. Recently, Beijing City Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the Haidian branch, Fengtai branch and the Chaoyang Branch of network security departments and the criminal investigation department, cracked 3 cases using the blog to spread pornographic information cases, arrested 3 suspects.

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