Anhui special cases grab online password was sentenced to 4 years

Anhui City, Langya District Court recently sentenced a special robbery case. The defendant Cai Guangwei to take coercive means to steal someone else online game account password, was found guilty of robbery was sentenced to 4 years and fined $3000.

court found that in October 2007, Wang Yuejin met Cai Guangwei in the play "dream swims on the west" when. Wang Yuejin is selling their game account and password on the Internet, the two agreed to 1500 yuan price. Cai Guangwei asked Wang Yuejin to trade in Chuzhou. Wang Yuejin and his girlfriend came to Chuzhou from Wuhu, the night with Peng Peng, accounting for a meeting with Wang Yuejin, on the implementation of the threat, ask the game account and password. Wang Yuejin because of fear, they agreed to hand over the game account and password.

court believes that Cai Guangwei for illegal possession for the purpose of taking coercive means to rob other people’s network virtual property, the property has the property and value of the property, so its behavior constituted robbery.