Hackers how to make money on the nternet

"make money doorways too much

hacker ditty (a pseudonym) of network black "hackers" flooding and destruction was disappointed, he told reporters recently talked about what he knows inside, opened a corner of the iceberg gold industry underground network.

, some people through the invasion of online game server to steal virtual currency, game user account, and then sold to middlemen, intermediaries through the sales channels to earn a hand.

some people steal bank card account, securities trading account, credit card account money laundering. Some of the control sensitive host to steal information, and then sell the information; some intrusion router, then to sell control; some by controlling the mass invasion of host machine, puppet, launch denial of service attacks to some websites, web site operators and extortion."

we do not know the vulnerability of great value. Now, both domestic and foreign markets have been publicly or privately acquired. Some hackers who " " the price to sell to who."

and " " hacker; others rely on design hacking tools into other servers, specifically looking for someone’s private information, identity card number can also be sold for money."

network underground industry chain

"black market network China is industrialization, hacking, sales through-train. Upstream underground industry chain is designed to do hacking tools, the middle is cyber attackers and hacking tools abusers, they launched a variety of network attacks, or hacking tools do botnets, rental, sale, extortion has the division of labor, downstream middlemen and buyers, as long as you make a botnet, there will be online immediately to help you sell. There are a lot of middlemen on the Internet, you can change the house. The buyer to buy botnets, of course, in order to attack others."

Lee said, how much money the network market is afraid, who can not tell. He said that some hackers, a few hundred thousand dollars a year no problem. There are hackers in order to make money, not only to invade other people’s computers, but also others in order to prevent the infection of the virus and backup files deleted, so crazy has broken the moral bottom line.

who is in mass production of "hacker"


in people’s minds, hackers are those who master the mysterious computer technology, this is not the case.

reporter learned that, with the rise of the network of the underground economy, more and more people realize that the hacker master certain techniques can be in a short time large amounts of gold network. Some people on the cult of the technology and the pursuit of money, making the hacker training began to develop virtual space. "Hackers crash course" emerging, new manufacturing "hacker". Then the new "hackers" with ready-made hacking tools into network world "gold", all kinds of the theft of bluff and deceive emerge in an endless stream.

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