s there a shortcut you on Google

has been in the Google localization route, in the introduction of a variety of local service life "search" and "public search" and "SMS search", today announced loudly: cut Google – Google. The simplest way of G.cn line.

I remember a while ago six room video will own the domain name from www.6room.com to 6.cn, when many senior netizens think it that make an unnecessary move in the show, and turn to more trouble. But from a practical point of view, the new domain name six rooms in this short and easy to remember, the image quickly accepted by users, and to promote the role of better.

is said to have already had the Google G.cn domain name as early as April, but has not been enabled, but also said no knowledge. May be a good effect to see six rooms, or Google’s localization in the study group, so many years Chinese habits, finally understand, Google has finally enabled G.cn domain name. Change method is different from the six rooms, Google is G.cn will jump to the original www.google.cn, the reason is "Google.cn is the standard domain name Google Chinese, from Google international domain name spelling standard, on behalf of the Google brand." G.cn is just a convenient way for users to access Google home page.