Pass the barrage site BiliBili million yuan to buy the domain name


said, we barrage website "beep beep" (station B) will have their own brand "beep" Larry domain in the bag, and the legend is still spent millions of dollars.



small whois information query is confirmed, this is really true, the domain name has changed the holders of information in this month, now the holder shows the B client station "Shanghai Hode Information Technology developers".


: BiliBili

small but there is no way to confirm that spent a considerable price over one million yuan of the legend is true or not, however, by now B station in the barrage field and Tucao the arena status, the domain name seller if really bid million yuan is not impossible.

In fact,

B speaking of the station, it can not only get a good hand spit slot, brush a good brand in the barrage, domain name protection is of considerable importance, from the beginning of the to the official domain name to today’s, website development, domain name a promotion, brand protection the more perfect place.