Hangzhou should not be Ma Statue Sculpture

Ma Yun as China Internet influential man can be said to be known to every family. Ma as a successful person, not only has a high commercial value, but also has considerable demonstration value. Because of this, some people moved to Hangzhou in the future of the central business district, a 2 meters high and weighs 2 tons of Ma Yun portrait sculpture. The news came out, immediately aroused fierce controversy.

I personally estimated that this is likely to be a false news, at least is a hype news. Because, so far, it ‘s still left: there is no access to the relevant departments of the authority, Ma Yun himself also said declined two.

traces the sources, we found that from a Hangzhou newspaper reporter: from the third session of the West Lake International Sculpture Exhibition cum qianjiangxincheng sculpture exhibition organizing committee learned that the concept works figure named "idol – Ma" has entered the public selection process, once approved, will be a real future in Hangzhou the central business district — qianjiangxincheng, display for one year and may be permanent display. But this is: So that is what it is. International Sculpture Exhibition "a business plan with the eye-catching gimmick.

, however, this report, but it did cause a topic, that is, should not stand up to the statue of the statue of MA in Hangzhou, from the perspective of public opinion on the Internet, most of them are negative. The reason is that, when still far from Ma to the final judgement. Yes, Ma is indeed the era of beach goers, and the publicity of the new rich and enterprising spirit, lofty market vision and unyielding struggle character, make it become the outstanding young contemporary Chinese, also logical to make it become the idol of many young people. Although the success of Ma Yun’s path can not be copied, but the modern quality of the body of Ma Yun, it is worth learning. However, even so, for a young CEO, the idol to overstate the location, the city as a benchmark, I am afraid there is a bold weight. And do not say Ma and his team and enterprises still have a long journey to go, in case of accident, Hangzhou why? Even after Ma automatics, now as a business CEO, defined it as a city idol, for those of his rivals, it is not fair.

, according to the search, there is no domestic business figures modeled on the city sculpture". Because of the evaluation of businessmen, or multiple. As a successful person, the majority of merchants who have exceptional quality, but the quality can represent a city, become a city of the vane, a city mark, I’m afraid each one according to his lights.


Ma is sober. He declined, not only represents his own point of view, I am afraid also represents the majority of the public opinion. It’s time to take a stand for an idol. This is the era of good luck, but also the national happiness.