The female crook posing as domain renewal with CNNC in the name of pit Enterprises

Dong Chu network news, suspected of involvement in the network domain name renewal fraud Hebei Zhang woman, in the city of Daye, was arrested by the police. 12 am, Daye City Public Security Bureau police station in Jinhu Chen Gang, Huang Guangming patrol, found the suspect Zhang is an Internet cafe in Daye North Road, immediately attacked and arrested.

it is understood that Zhang, female, 27 years old, Hebei County, Gucheng. In November 2007, together with others of its incorporation in Xiamen Network Limited company in Xiamen City, the name "CNNIC China posing as the Internet Information Center", search for some enterprises or units of information on the Internet, to receive "domain renewal" name of fraud.

Zhang explained that she and her partner through the Internet or other means to collect some business address, operating conditions, telephone numbers, e-mail and domain name registration and other information. These companies generally only English domain name. In the grasp of the information, they give the phone companies, lied to their English name "bind" a Chinese domain name, now free period is coming, need to continue to pay Chinese domain fee, otherwise it will be deleted or registered. Then, they will be stamped with the official seal of the "official" notice renewals by mail or fax to the enterprise.

dozens of companies worry about the domain name can not continue to use the influence of business, the remittance to the account designated liar "renewals".

to the incident, the case involved amounted to more than 10 yuan.

Daye police warned that enterprises encounter "domain renewal", there are two ways to prevent being cheated: the first had to buy their own domain name, the network company to confirm the true and false; let the network company purchased their own domain name and website remote server (virtual host) username and password, if the other party can not provide, don do not transfer.