Fan Ye ntelligence why abandon Huayi, Tang De

in the evening of March 28th, the German film and television announced that it is planning to acquire 51% of the shares of the Wuxi film and Television Culture Co., ltd.. The acquisition of this film did not disclose the amount of the acquisition, but according to this matter constitutes a major asset restructuring standards, the transaction amount is not necessarily small.

number of DreamWorks entertainment through the industrial and commercial information inquiry found that Wuxi love God film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. was founded in July 30, 2015, the registered capital of 3 million, the company as Fan Bingbing. In fact, as early as five years ago, Fan Bingbing has a stake in the Tang Dynasty, Tang’s 2015 semi annual report shows that the top ten shareholders of circulation in the list of the top shares held by the stock of $1 million 290 thousand.

is also an artist company, is also set up shortly after the acquisition, which can not help but think of the three cases of mergers and acquisitions of listed companies before the star company:

(1) in October 2015, Huayi Brothers announced, announced the acquisition of 756 million yuan in Zhejiang Dongyang vast Studio Entertainment Co. 70% stake in the company, this part of the shares held by Li Chen, William Feng, Angelababy, Zheng Kai, Du Chun, Chen and other stars shareholders, and the company has just established in October 21st;

(2) in November 2015, Huayi Brothers announced another 1 billion 50 million yuan to the equity transfer price of the acquisition of Zhejiang Dongyang area media Co., Ltd. 70% stake, which holds 99% stake in Dongyang Meila is Huayi buddy Feng Xiaogang.

(3) in March 2016, storm technology announced the acquisition of 60% stake purchase straw bear pictures, the transaction amounted to 1 billion 80 million yuan. The straw bear pictures, Nicky Wu is the artistic director of the company, Liu Shishi shares accounted for 20%, while Zhao Liying is 1%.

as Huayi once owned by the artist, "why Fan Bingbing abandoned Yixuan Tak", the cooperation will bring about changes of future cooperation between the two sides? The relationship between the star and the listed company

will decide on what path to follow?As one of the

Huayi Brothers boss Wang Zhonglei once remarked, "I think the entertainment industry has entered the era of star driver IP", this is for the Huayi Brothers, for now, Tak television is such.

love God not only beauty, but also very expensive


is unknown, Tak television’s proposed acquisition of the subject, it is Fan Bingbing.


from the above table we can find that the United States and the United States and Wuxi film culture Co., Ltd. was founded in July 30, 2015, the registered capital of 3 million, the company as Fan Bingbing.

as a result of the acquisition triggered a major reorganization of the assets of the Tang Tak film suspension, according to the 2015 Annual Bulletin released by the German film and television show, its total assets of the year 2015 14>