A the line near the giant group purchase second-line survival


text / Zhang Nan

group purchase from prosperity to the thousands of war group Lengji, more than 75% of the game player has disappeared. And those who survived, seems to have entered the second times of the war, in this battle, some game player to find a patron, as the Internet giant screens O2O tools, and the rest of the process, a difference in looking in.

giant layout O2O buy value reproduction

group purchase industry from downtown to the night is full of silence, seemed to fade media vision, but can see the fact that the industry is still in steady growth in group purchase market size is expected to 38 billion yuan, last year the figure was 34 billion 800 million.

in this process, the value of the group was re examined. In addition to the sale of discount services and goods marketing channels, but also become an important tool in the giant grab mobile portal through the O2O.

Baidu should be regarded as the layout of the slowest one, just a short time ago, Baidu to buy the site of the former people’s website sticky rice holdings. Baidu’s idea is that the ability to add its online operations on the ground floor of the rice team, and then get through with Baidu maps, LBS+O2O.

Tencent started earlier, at the beginning of this year, the Tencent will QQ and F group, group purchase of "Gaopeng three groups combined, although the new Gaopeng’s performance has been just passable, recently came off adjustment, but in the latest update to the WeChat 5, the concept of" micro group purchase "is proposed. A large amount of WeChat users as the basis, with the new version of WeChat sweep "and" payment "function, advantage of Tencent in the mobile terminal group purchase is very obvious. In addition, the new platform, group purchase, preferential reservation, WeChat public service platform and other products to achieve linkage, the line can be more independent sellers publishing group purchase.. WeChat + buy, with a greater imagination.

As for the

Alibaba, is the basis of business electricity supplier, group purchase is ripe. Taobao buy site Juhuasuan is now the largest player on the market volume, according to the latest data group 800, in August of this year, the turnover of Juhuasuan buy platform close to 1 billion 700 million.

at the same time, there is another piece in the hands of Ali: U.S. mission network. Group 800 data show that in August the total turnover of the U.S. mission network in 1 billion 650 million, accounting for nearly 45% of the total group turnover of $3 billion 690 million, according to Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission network, the U.S. group net profit has been achieved at the beginning of this year. Juhuasuan added meituan, one in the southern one in the north, then a real group purchase a bias toward local life, like Baidu, the group purchase and its high German map, Alipay mobile payment through 020, the layout is clear, but Ali has expressed ambitions from the local life and a Taobao wireless field reconstruction".

not long ago, Suning will acquire full network news began to clear what straight. In >