About the content and communication, a copy of a copy of the 95 to give me these inspiration

editor’s note: This article through the analysis of a junior student in the circle of friends in the copy, summed up how to make good content, causing a number of ways to spread. This article from the submission, the author Peng Huixian (micro signal: 83926646), operating enthusiasts.

the evening of January 11th in the circle of friends brush to a brother to share how to score through the examination "as the theme of the click on the text, after opening the" long press copy the whole text, and then open the Taobao mobile phone, believe you will come back to the point of praise." Eventually led to IQ recharge of the product page.

this form first met, as an operator (dog) said very excited, the form is novel, humorous, the content will be on fire! I stared at the Taobao store sales, indeed, one hour after sales from 140 to 14000, for over one hundred times.

I tried to contact the store to listen to specific data, but did not get timely response. So I immediately thought of a copy of the value of the value of the text began to spread the test, will be compared as a failure case analysis.

in January 14th, I contacted the IQ recharge Taobao shopkeeper, a 95 year old students. With his permission, I would like to share the relevant data:

on January 11th 17:00 in the afternoon to put a copy of his circle of friends, WeChat friends only 359 people.

five minutes later found a classmate of Zhejiang forwarding.

6 p.m. nearly 2000 single, from Jiangsu and zhejiang.

around 7 in the evening all over the country have a single.

at 10 PM is the most popular, most of the time of 1 minutes and a single 1000.

as of 24 in the evening, Taobao shop on the same day the total visitors 57.89w, a total of sold a total of more than 36 thousand copies.

there is a small episode, is the owner of his own set of Taobao password is valid for the day, to 24 after the password was stolen. Misappropriation of merchants also has more than 20 thousand sales.

is widely spread in the circle of friends has attracted media attention, with the increased coverage, Ali has "IQ recharge" similar goods all banned shelves, now in the Taobao search results have no IQ recharge.


so how did the 95 junior student make the communication.

15 years in September on the shelves of IQ recharge goods, has been trying to do the promotion of foreign, but with little success.

found the Taobao password in January 11th.

production of Taobao password: ¥ IQ recharge ¥ >