Birds do new, early promotion plan

stayed in Admin5 for so long, has not published articles, I feel I should come up with some practical things to share with you   so now I will sum up the experience of my own to say with you.

I recently saw a lot of webmasters on the initial stage of the problem is very confused and distressed, we often say,

How can

1 new station by Baidu fast included      

2 how to find the high quality of the chain? Station will with new sites to link      

3    flow rate is so low, keywords ranking can’t go  

4  how to promote to achieve the effect?   for these problems, today I will talk about my little experience,  

1  let Baidu fast included to do the first station to access the content as fast as possible original harmony   do not have the intention to optimize the traces of these key words are not old truth said

2    find high quality links to the new station is really a bit difficult,   if you have money, you can buy some of the chain, if you have no money, you can send some soft text can also achieve the effect of the link

3  low flow keywords do not     we don’t chew early say that the site is a 3GP movie station under the careful analysis of his words we may find it a lot to choose the long tail word   for example it is easy to write error " 3JP" " 3jp & nbsp; " film;   these words will bring a lot of traffic;   and   these words are very good and quick   we slowly flow again to consider other words to

4  how to promote the effect of       we can go to some BBS  and BLOG     , Baidu know; ask SOSO     ask and so on;; remind you best not to use some of the so-called promotion software   not obvious and easy to be K

above is some of my new experience is very useful hope can help you         if you have any questions can also refer to my new station to do