How to do a good job micro-blog marketing micro-blog Marketing Tips

praised the business cannot continue for a long time, this sentence describes micro-blog in China today living state. How to take the first step to make money? Now micro-blog is basically everyone to use, how to do micro-blog marketing, micro-blog commercial, profit? In addition to some basis for the micro-blog set outside has some loyal fans forwarded comments? No more systematic mode of operation to


novice just started writing micro-blog, the number of fans are from scratch. The vast majority of novices are very want to know how to turn the number of fans from 0 to 100. In fact, as long as the following several ways to do, get your first batch of fans, is not very difficult.

first, as a "zero fan" user, you have to take the initiative to pay attention to others, others may turn to you. So, how to find the most suitable people to pay attention to it?. Because only love similar, similar characteristics of the people, will have the same topic, will pay close attention to each other. Micro-blog marketing is not the same as before, you can play a number on a number of fans out.

2, first set a good subject for micro-blog, as a breakthrough. For example, do the category of quotations, health class, make-up class, beauty class? You need to analyze the audience of micro-blog. In fact, more fun to play, but also more active.

3, content. Every day the contents of micro-blog send. The content is very important, the title is attractive, the content is attractive, with attractive and so on. Then according to the daily peak of micro-blog users to send targeted.

4, marketing activities. Organize a variety of activities, you can attract a large number of fans. This kind of activity is what, see your creativity, this marketing is particularly important, get good, can let your fans. (don’t focus on activities). A variety of viral marketing video, pictures, funny posts, hot topics, etc.. See how you got it. More activities can be introduced to the micro platform to see

5, resource integration. Combined with a variety of platforms and other resources exchange micro-blog, you may not have a reputation at the beginning, this requires you to use skills to solve. Set your own resources, so that Tencent, Sina to help you recommend home page. This can also help you quickly increase popularity and fans. And other famous micro-blog hang up, you have them forward. So many. (how to get the resources or change the resources, see your business ability and energy, there is now a variety of platforms, the platform is too busy to attend to all a good beginning, a good recent discovery of a new platform, looks good, it should be called micro


6, at the beginning, it is necessary to buy some fans. The number of comments and forwarding operation is necessary. When you start a business, you will also find relatives and friends to help you with the site.

secondly, you should be interested in finding the most active, most willing to pay attention to others and communicate with others micro-blog