Secret 2000+ fans, how to do the amount of reading 2000000+

If you have a WeChat

users only 500, only 1000, how to do the reading 100000+? If you can do that? Is not that unbelievable, isn’t impossible? In fact, such a miracle occurred in a large number of public number was not to blame at


in the formation of the E guest micro friends of the members of the E, it was easy to do, but also to see the miracle of everyone! Look at the following figure:



is the number of public operators (Weifang Fuhua) screenshot is not 100000+, but 2000000+

we can see from the above, the amount of reading is usually about 6-700, but this article reading suddenly soared, the number is the number of micro signal operators desire!


in addition to wonder and admire, I think more and more people have begun to wonder why There were many discussions., this article can be read such a large amount of



for E guest, specially on the Weifang Fuhua public operators for this article in-depth exploration, hoping to get some promotion tips, maybe we wonder, he used what promotion methods and channels can do this data! Finally, what he did not tell me, just one word:

I have not done what special promotion, just after the mass public platform, in their own circle of friends forwarded it, I don’t understand why this article can have such a high amount of reading


!! this is a secret? So E guest teacher skeptical to do a survey and try to find another local Weifang, the same as the 100000+ amount of reading he runs; I am not willing to send cloth in their operations to some of the public number, E micro friends of other members also made a release, results are surprised to find that different degrees beyond the expected amount of reading, although did not reach 100000+, the amount of reading is usually several times as much!


, not in the promotion methods and channels, what is the reason that the amount of reading an article is so high here? I may exclude the brush flow, because he had no need to brush this figure, for he did not have any benefits at present. E guest teacher opened the article again, carefully put the whole article after reading, I see light suddenly an article said, why can have such a high amount of reading and forwarding share amount, the original reason in the article itself!


some people say that the title is good enough to attract people to leave a suspense! I agree with this, but for this article to spread such a wide range of decisive factors is not the title, but the content!


is the title of the article "picked up a 16 bus stop in Weifang.