New hope to enter the nternet first cast big data startups cloud heap new media

after six months of silence, the new hope group’s Internet strategy out of the first step.

domestic agricultural giant new hope group at the end of 2014 that will be the formation of a new hope for innovation group, to enter the field of Internet news. But in the second half of the year, the outside world is very little understanding of its movements. The announcement that it will invest billions of dollars of innovation group for a time to become the new hope of the most mysterious department of the company.

recently, a new new media big data cloud heap of new media new hope group innovation Angel round of investment. This is the new hope of innovation since the first foreign investment group set up.

, according to the new hope group of innovation, cloud heap of new media is a start-up company in Chengdu. Founder Zhang Guohong is a senior media person. The company’s team mainly from the media, Internet companies, research institutions. The company is committed to the mobile Internet new media big data analysis, operation, monitoring and accurate advertising of native advertising. Under the clouds of new media trading platform through the development for more than half a year, will be launched in early August, the platform with independent research and development of intelligent push engine, at present every day tens of millions from the media monitoring and analysis, combined with matching advertisers demand attributes clouds of new media and creative new media user portrait. The matching of new media for advertisers to put precise dynamic and real-time monitoring process.

it is understood that the investment bank is the main body of the company hopes to set up a new group of innovative companies soon, why not proud of the United States Interactive Technology Co., ltd..

the general manager Qi Bingnan introduced, the new hope group fancy clouds new media innovation, mainly lies in the start-up companies in the mobile data technology and new media in the field of leading edge, and the comprehensive quality of the entrepreneurial team. He did not disclose the specific amount of the investment. The amount of investment is based on the cloud of new media valuation of 250 million yuan on the basis of."

it is understood that this project is the use of big data technology in the new media advertising. The integration of big data and mobile new media in two areas. The big data and new media is the new hope that the field of innovation focus. Qi Bingnan said that the mobile Internet and social media growth, the majority of advertisers and agencies are facing from the media and multi platform mass, facing new challenges, the clouds by the means of big data provides a new solution. "It’s a billion dollar market. Cloud heap of new media business model has the possibility to subvert the traditional advertising model, we are optimistic about its growth space."

completed the first show to enter the Internet industry, the new hope that the next step will be more innovative group action.

as an important component of the strategic layout of the new hope group, new hope group innovation plans this year invested 1 billion yuan, the next 3 – 5 years of investment will reach 10 billion yuan, to support the development of new business enterprises, in order to promote the transition to the mobile internet.

according to the new hope innovation group, the current group >