Circle of friends advertising micro-blog face, open their own era

do you remember when a micro-blog ad, the user’s reflection? A word "spray"!

but now a circle of friends advertising, but let small partners so excited.

is advertising, why are so different?


horizon but let your heart

"it is not that you have no place to hide, get in by every opening, hateful, but it doesn’t understand you, we try to make some changes."

is a compliment of the copy, attracted countless people’s new eyes, the upcoming ad subconscious implanted in the hearts of users, the purpose of changing the marketing of direct advertising for moderate, fun.

Just as the tide

. The fierce tide is approaching, when the danger is coming. But when you know when it’s coming, you can avoid danger and appreciate it. Even, there is hope.

everyone becomes the topic owner

WeChat circle of friends advertising attack, today, there are BMW, Coca-Cola, Vivo, are based on intelligent matching big data. WeChat insiders said that BMW’s Vivo is the nouveau riche, see the grass root, see the Coca-Cola 2B is young, nothing will see I’m sorry, you have been abandoned. (popular topic in the circle of friends)

everyone wants their ads to be a topic. WeChat first send advertising circle of friends, it is a topic! In this way the Tencent, so that each user has the full sense of participation and sense of into ordinary people to avoid antipathy to advertising First impressions are strongest and rejection. At the same time, also borrow is substituted into the topic in the large group of force, the fried hot, so as to achieve better effect than other media hype.

big data marketing ability to let customers have to stack

this ad, the service is not only businesses BMW, Vivo smart phones, Coca-Cola. In fact, the biggest business and beneficiaries is precisely the Tencent itself. Tencent this is open to everyone to show their own scientific and accurate data marketing capabilities. Your marketing is good, the customer will come again and again.

WeChat wanted to tell you that the advertisement is the person can get in by every opening, but can not break away from the conventional advertising, let people smell disgusting advertisements can also have another way to play.

is here, to the end of this article I saw a very good WeChat advertisement: it is on the horizon, your heart, not its hazy holy, but you did not see it, it is trying to make some changes, and you know, powerless……

whether a new era of advertising will quietly come? Let’s wait and see.