New media revelation seventeen comment

in a large number of new media applications, the review of the site is a rare kind of vertical application: industry.

most of the new media have a eight to eighty for all the feeling, this characteristic lead to a wide range of applications by the public attention and intervention, but also bring a serious problem: the audience is not enough to focus. This problem directly affects business expansion. In fact, it’s hard for most advertisers to accept a media that covers eight to eighty of all the people (unless you’re really big enough to admit that you’re big enough).

comment website is not. It is usually focused on one point: such as books (watercress, aNobii), restaurants (public comment, Fantong), tourism (green), personal goals (Amy), management stock (stock said) and health care (health, good doctor 39), etc.. May be the reason for the success of watercress, and now there is a saying that these sites will be referred to as: watercress site.

review website provides a human centered information organization page, such as a person’s watercress, but the essence of the core is focused on the material, such as a restaurant, followed by a lot of people comment. As a general visitor, it is mainly through access to a specific thing (books, restaurants, attractions, etc.) to gradually understand the site, and finally involved in (invovled), become an organic component.

some comment website can be generated directly through the user behavior, such as watercress. When the user clicks on a book to enter the purchase page (the page may be Dangdang, may also be excellent, or other B2C books, all sites) buying behavior, watercress can get the commission. This is actually a kind of paid by the advertising model, but some of the more subtle.

but most of the comments or other sites rely on advertising to generate cash flow. Fortunately, these sites are more focused, it is relatively easy to impress advertisers. For example, the public comment on the network, at least is interested in eating. So, the public comment on the home page can be sold to some good location to some restaurants as advertising revenue.

There is a trend to the SNS

review site, its foundation is such a word: Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. People who have a common interest in something are likely to establish a connection between them. This is, of course, only theoretical. In fact, even if the team seems to be a very small number, but really active, in fact, not many.


spent a lot of time to enrich the human centered information page, compared to (books, music, movies or other) as the center of the information page, watercress and did not spend much effort. But watercress SNS is not very strong. At least until today, even if the function of watercress in addition to the book to buy books, there are many, but the average person, as long as the introduction of watercress, the first expression of the mind is the word: book. Of course