The second is discouraging bully come up with a market value of 36 billion 900 million, the 37 conse

Abstract: he had almost been dropped out, restless in the stable, tried different jobs, was a North drift, but "bully" toss out a $36 billion 900 million company. His magic A shares are invincible how lonely.

"Invincible is how lonely, invincible is how empty…"

may say that this is invincible, demon shares,

because, never a company like it,

after landing,

37 consecutive daily limit, soaring 42 times,

makes 10 billionaires, 31 millionaires, and 66 millionaires……

is more "invincible" may be the demon shares behind the man!

sophomore had almost been discouraging, even when the graduate degree certificate did not get

is not easy to be assigned to the Shanxi Mining Bureau, but did not do a good job,

four or five years after graduation, in the blind"……

registered companies do do maintenance, BP coal transportation, as a history teacher,

Steamed Buns factory, selling crow toffee, with a resume to find a job in the country……

But this year is

, the drift down "bully",

made a $36 billion 900 million company that created A shares myth,

just yesterday, he founded the "monster stock" and the magic limit!

he is the founder of storm technology Feng Xin.


from the small fry to Lei men

Feng Xin, Shanxi, Yangquan, was born in Shanxi, a family of teachers, with Baidu boss Robin Li is fellow. Graduated from the HeFei University of Technology School of management, but also did not get a degree certificate. After four or five years, or in Beijing not Dezhi LaPO "hooligan". After the hard life, Feng Xin began to realize: "to find a job to eat, this is not what I want".

later, along the way, he finally went to get to the Kingsoft, Lei Jun become men. This became the first turning point in Feng Xin life. At that time, Kingsoft has just launched, how to go beyond the development of 10 years, Rising antivirus software and other old? Feng Xin boldly adopted the "3 month trial, only received 5 yuan" pricing strategy with this trick he almost all the "terminal" preemption. Then Feng Xin soon rose to the marketing director, deputy general manager of Duba division, reputed southwest.

or choose to venture

2004, Feng Xin left Jinshan, went to YAHOO, as YAHOO’s personal software division, general manager of china. The first contract shocked Feng Xin, but