Quality content is the magic weapon of WeChat marketing

mobile Internet era, the development of the public in full swing WeChat. Under the fierce competition, what magic is now WeChat promotion winning? Liu Yuhan think the answer is always Jingjiubucui "content is king" theory, it is the foundation of the healthy development of the public number. Because WeChat is a relatively closed communication platform, we can only rely on the contents of users forwarding spread, so great is the fundamental motive force of WeChat public communication, good content is reading and forwarding. Look at other people’s public reading broken million, jealous? You remain perplexed despite much thought, how did they do it? Liu Yu with help you from the following points:


WeChat public numbers from the beginning can not maintain the chaos".

copying, imitating others, not only you can feel no pulse, even the user will lose confidence in your swing content. Therefore, it is recommended that the beginning of the WeChat public number, it should identify their core values. If you want to show WeChat brand promotion, the brand image of what? Why WeChat platform? If you want to attract interest in the micro signal, which part of the audience (for differentiation)? What kind of attract them with unique, unique content to the public number? A unique and attractive location, not only can not find the direction in the future maintenance, not content to the user’s appetite. If you have no WeChat public direction did have a period of time, according to the background data, analysis of existing users, the future development trend; can also be completely redesigned, starting from scratch, has been better than Ray no clue.

identify the direction of the content to follow what principles, it is considered high quality


1, Zoupian Jian feng. There is a kind of article is regarded as a classic, forward the people even can not say the reason, did not finish, is that the article is very good, very classic, must turn to prove their vision is wide enough or other. So here we can sum up a world as a classic article two law: 1) original argument, fill knowledge gaps or mass, Li Jue unknown point of view; 2) by the user identification is the first time the news release. Here are two key points — "point of view" and "fast", which are generally higher than those of the two characteristics.

2, the abundance of dry cargo. The expansion of knowledge in information era, imagine if it is a dry cargo full, no nonsense articles are not more to share with others the value? So if you are writing a gossip, enough to have material. More interesting than the gossip article, there is a point of view, a unique perspective, there are things, there will be more people to pay attention to you.

3, show feelings. Modern people always love to open their own emotions, otherwise it will not have a variety of signatures, state functions emerge. In a large number of forwarding content, a large part is used to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings of the moment. If you are a public number of chicken soup, then your content should have enough strength to let the user heart surging; if you are other public numbers, then there can be some