To the new Adsense local website domain name registration

do local information website also has a period of time, continue to do friendship links, and the webmaster in theory and technology to do exchange. During the time to see a lot of local websites, especially for these domain records a lot. Here, and the new station to talk about the issue of local website domain name registration.

a good domain name, can give customers the most intuitive, beautiful impression. Convenient and easy to remember, catchy should remember.

for example, my hometown is located in a small city – Jilin, Meihekou. (spelling Jianpin: Meihekou, MHK, phone number: 0435 zip code: 135000)

on the domain name registration, ".Com" and ".Cn" domain name is the most appropriate: one is a well-known international top-level domain names, one is the most simple top-level domain name.

on the ".Com" as an example. The best local domain names should be:,,,;

".Net", ".Cn" and other similar domain name.

I contact the Internet later, the Internet domain name of early understanding is not deep, so I can hold hands and no more than the domain name, the domain above is not local in Meihekou, are all foreign companies and individuals. I am most distressed: people holding rice do not stand, do stand people do not hold ideal rice – this is also a lot of small and medium-sized owners of China’s sad!

I made clear the theme of the local station, to register the domain name, do a lot of consideration:

first, the local city name spelling is longer, should adopt Jianpin form, can be used as local telephone and postal code encoding. But far less popular and popular post encoding the familiar telephone area code.

second, the website for the local, should not use abbreviations English or English. The number should be the most appropriate and the public can understand the meaning of numbers.

third, a person should take note: local basic memory domain, a basic understanding of outsiders should be able to name meaning, the main audience or the face of the people.

I have seen a lot of domain names, such as: (CN area code or city Jianpin, give me an indescribable feeling: this domain name is for foreigners to see CN?

) (info for small cities of the Internet users, it is difficult to remember) (the name of the website of Jianpin local people to remember, but is not professional) (OL is the abbreviation of the online, but in small cities to use ol, it is difficult to make local users)