Bear reading received 9 million yuan Pre-A round of people from the three dimensional world is not f

Abstract: one is a niche hobby?


recently, fan fiction reading application "white bear reading" announced the completion of 9 million yuan Pre-A round of financing. The current round of the Legg Mason cultural lead investor, venture investment fund with the relay. Funds will be mainly used for the signing of excellent authors and IP incubator, etc..

36 krypton has introduced "white bear reading". In simple terms, "white bear reading" aimed at different areas, made a strong tool attribute of fan fiction reader. Due to the two fan fiction creation as well as animation, film and television works, readers may have produced First impressions are strongest on content preferences. In order to reduce the number of users on the platform of information screening costs, "white bear reading" provides a subscription and shielding function. In this mechanism, the reader can quickly search through the original, CP and other dimensions of their favorite people work; but also can be blocked in advance do not like their own CP, improve screening efficiency.


according to CEO Guo Xiaochi introduction, the current platform to have the author 10 thousand +, the number of works more than 30 thousand, adding more than 600 new authors per day. After the polymerization of a number of fan fiction writers, "white bear reading" the next step is the platform of high quality, hot hatch from the IP text into animation, cartoon film, autocratic or game form, to play a greater commercial value. But we haven’t seen the finished product yet.

and referred to people, many people will question how much of this market space. Guo Xiaochi also gives his own opinion on this issue. In her view, the creation of a person seems to be far away from the three dimensional world, but in fact, the creation of a role based on the two can be classified as "human works". For example, from the image of Sun Wukong in the extended film theaters aggressively "Westward Journey", "heaven", is the journey to the West fanfiction.

but now it seems that people a greater extent is a branch of the two dimensional form fields, including comics, novels, music, games and so on. The audience of 95 and 00 are female (fag hag) occupy a very large proportion. In addition to the "white bear reading", and a number of start-up companies are also trying to seize this group of love expression groups such as krypton 36 fag hag, has introduced the "tofu", do is an original rot to the content of community, the same approach and "pineapple rice" and so on. But from the view of each stage is still in the early stages, "fag hag dispute" and play.