Love to buy talk about the main points of nternet Entrepreneurship

Xiao Bian often received such a query: love the purchase as a mobile Internet Co, in its entrepreneurial process, which link is the most difficult to do?

industry has such a sentence: the field of the Internet has never been a lack of good idea, the lack of idea is a step by step into a market acceptance and long-term user stickiness of the product execution.


venture capital wrote:

very poor idea = -1

generally poor idea = 1

horse idea = 5

generally good idea = 10

very good idea = 15

most cattle idae = 20

no execution = $1

poor execution = $1000

horse execution = $10000

good execution = $100 thousand

very good execution = $1 million

very cow force = $10 million

venture, you need to multiply the two:

most cattle idea, no execution, only $20.

most cattle idea multiplied by a very cow execution value of $200 million.

personal execution


a, communication, understanding the purpose of the strategy.

two, develop a preliminary plan, and the implementation of the analysis of the difficulty, if the resources are not enough, real-time reporting.

three, determine the allocation of resources, an important priority allocation, something must be done well, the icing on the cake is free again.

four, report regularly, communicate with supervisor and get feedback.

ultimately, is to do. To do one thing well, all the ability to perform well, is the executive power.

team execution


team is basically two modes, Li Guang and Huo mode mode.

, general Li Guang, ate, the usual understanding and wartime Shenxianshizu, their valiant, and soldiers with strong emotional ties, so the team cohesion is the strongest;

two, Huo troops and superior, usually wrath of fresh clothes horse, have absolute authority, so be, paid under the Every order is executed without fail., soldiers, hold a lot of experts in different fields, depending on which bundle, blend, incentive >