nternet business lost season how far the ideal and reality

entrepreneur is left is king. In China, most entrepreneurs have chosen to follow, which makes the biggest regret of Chinese entrepreneurs is "Me Too" (me too). Entrepreneurs do not accompany, don’t do more followers, but should consider what they do, after the rest of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore of


"look at our new on-line mobile components." Shaking the hands of the iPhone mobile phone, a Beijing advertising company responsible Wang Yiping (a pseudonym) face a satisfaction. Wang Yiping to the first financial daily introduction, this mobile phone APP is an innovative entrepreneurial team for their own design and production. "Now a lot of young people can not find the direction, so if you give them a direction, do not make money or even lose the time and labor costs, they also do."

Wang Yiping said, it is today’s Internet and mobile Internet industry is generally entrepreneurial lost. According to Kang Sheng company (Comsenz) and iResearch Agency (iResearch) recently released a 2012 Internet entrepreneurs survival and development report, 72% entrepreneurs for "hobby", more than 57% entrepreneurs said "on their own business industry do not understand completely" or "somewhat understanding" more than 45% entrepreneurs in 2011 Annual Income of not more than 1000 yuan, nearly 20% of the annual income of entrepreneurial projects only in 1000 ~ 5000 yuan.

a group of young people, driven by the general direction of the fuzzy and entrepreneurial passion, relying solely on investors or self financing, will be profitable or not behind, is a true portrayal of the current Internet entrepreneurs.

ideal and reality how far

at the end of 2012, a vice president of sales and marketing Li Hao, vice president of the network broke the news on Sina micro-blog crazy. Micro-blog said, he joined Taobao Union conference in Hangzhou, asked at a "85 after" young industry and income, the other modestly replied, a person messing around with a small website and make micro-blog forward at home, with a monthly income of 350 thousand.

in this magical place in the Internet, entrepreneurial success and get VCs favor case seems to happen every day.

but not everyone has such good luck. Entrepreneur Wang Nan and colleagues two years ago because of dissatisfaction, on choice of entrepreneurial environment then fight to win or die. In their own small study, two young people began to survive the challenge from Taobao shop to micro-blog forwarding almost nothing to do. However, two years later, there is no improvement in entrepreneurship, there are differences between the two founders.

"we all want to be good, it is not good for us to participate in. On the one hand to open the company visibility, the other side of the area to save popularity, advertising costs." Wang Nan said. Recalling all not to the point in the process of entrepreneurship ideas, make people feel ridiculous. In the past two years, higher income, in January to reach about twenty thousand yuan, while in the off-season almost >