How to use video to promote the network


common network promotion methods which


blog promotion, that is, the use of blog in the form of network applications to promote a method.

forum to promote, that is, to carry out various types of promotional activities for the forum. Such as friends, private messages, space message posting inviting friends to participate in, post, post comments, plus forum etc..

micro-blog promotion, a new promotion media, is a way for users to quickly access to information, but also for businesses to use information dissemination and promotion tools.

network promotion, network provides a collection, classification, sorting, sharing Internet information resources is a kind of service. There is a common Baidu, QQ, Sina bookmarks favorites.

Q & a promotion, using a Q & a interactive method to promote. The main Baidu Tencent, Sina know, ask the question and answer, and ask about Taobao etc..

classification information promotion, the use of classified information release platform, a large number of products to promote the method.

SNS community to promote SNS, is a social Internet application, refers to the relationship between people network. Such as Renren, Kaixin network, friends network, etc..

above, are some of our common promotion, of course, and not just a few, there are some fees, such as: bidding, advertising, etc.. And we have the most contact SEO promotion, mostly in the promotion of these methods based on the.

but today I’m not talking about the above ways, but the video.

video promotion

video promotion mainly in two ways, one is pure advertising video, and then to promote the video for the promotion of products; the need to pay more attention to the video, spread out, because they are difficult to be reproduced. Another way is to take the video as the carrier, through the appropriate promotion of information in the video, through the video itself to attract more people to reprint, is commonly known as viral marketing video. This video takes a lot of effort to promote the video itself, but with the increase of browsing, there will be a lot of people are reproduced, is a method of once and for all, its promotion effect is very obvious. This kind of funny video, or is the most moving edge.

video promotion advantages

video promotion is carried out on the network platform, so the advantage is the combination of video and network platform.

for video advertising, different from the traditional network promotion way, it can accurately find the potential consumer groups, enterprises looking for video advertising, though, may hits and no virus marketing video more, but its value, not less, because the face is the precise customer.