How to accurately grasp the characteristics of micro-blog in the eight misunderstandings of micro bl

With the rapid popularization and wide application of micro blog, a new media at home and abroad,

is becoming one of the hottest and most popular Internet applications. At the same time, with the growing popularity of micro blog, many companies and institutions are aware of the huge marketing value of micro blogging platform. However, due to the characteristics of micro blog is not accurate and the lack of experience, micro blog marketing will often enter eight areas of misunderstanding.

misunderstanding: micro-blog applies to all enterprises and products

may be some so-called social media marketing experts tell you that micro blog is a new useful marketing tool, whether you are what kind of business is what you sell products, can use micro-blog marketing.

actually, there is a misunderstanding. It can be said that there is no tool in the world is suitable for any product of any enterprise, in the past, no, no, no, not to mention micro-blog.

the correct approach is that you have to study the characteristics of enterprises and related products, to understand their product positioning and the characteristics of the main potential customers. At least the potential customers of these products directly or indirectly to a certain number of potential customers in micro-blog, otherwise, your marketing activity is the wrong place, but should find micro-blog outside the main.

at the same time, the micro blog has its shortcomings, such as marketing information fragmentation, this point is inferior to the blog rich, complete and clear; and such comments in the post marketing association, a lot of time in the comments before and after the relationship will be confused, that it is inferior to the BBS; for example. The video, a post are most can only put a, so the performance of information natural ability to be worse.

error two: prizes and more good promotion will be successful

There are many

enterprises in order to in a short time by a few posts to engage in promotional activities in micro-blog, often used as long as the attention and forwarding post blog can join the lottery rules in the post, and provide a sufficient number of attractive prizes (such as Apple’s iPhone or iPad).

, however, many of these posts may look pretty lively, but there are a lot of people, which draw specialist, they can draw special attention and forwarding posts, first, look at the content of the post, just waiting for a free lottery.

think, although the enterprise through such promotional activities, perhaps in a short time to get a lot of attention and forwarding number, but these concerns and forwarding the value is not big, the corresponding new fans to understand the characteristics of the product are not very much interested in future, loyalty is not high, and even some people in order to increase the winning may, also may be repeated forwarding or use of vest account. Obviously, if you have a large number of people in the presence of such people, how can it be successful promotion?.

error three: only micro-blog marketing, others do not need

some people