Network marketing program should pay attention to what


network marketing program from the point of view of detail, what need to pay attention to it, there are 5 main points, that is, the network marketing program of the 5 fulcrum.

network marketing program first pivots: target customers


belongs to the research of market profit zone, said the first to launch another aim, if in the network marketing and even the target who the customer is, what are their common characteristics of all don’t know, OK, this is a very dangerous thing. If the wrong direction, the right thing to do, the result is not ideal. In addition, it is difficult to determine the target customers, it is difficult to determine your competitors.

network marketing program second pivots: marketing objectives

don’t tell me that your marketing goal is to occupy much of the market share, the product sales to how many million, although is very clear, but also must have the support of the action, in order to ensure the realization of the goal of. Goals are important, processes are more important. In this process, you have to pay attention to several links, the central link is a transaction, which is certainly true. Next, how to do a new customer, grab the potential to build a customer database, to prepare for the transaction and the chase for the old customers, it is very simple, chasing, do database marketing. OK, just say so much.

network marketing program third fulcrum: marketing budget

to make money, have to cost. The ancient one, are forage first, or the need to make the budget. Whether it is advertising, sales promotion, sponsorship, there is a marketing staff salaries, which belong to the category of marketing budget. But this is the old marketing budget, not a marketing person should have marketing budget. How do you say? There are 3 key elements, a unit customer acquisition costs CAC, a customer lifetime value LTV, the ratio of the third most important CAC/LTV. This ratio is greater than 1, you do not do a good job of marketing budget, but also do not make money.

network marketing program fourth pivots: market positioning

for market positioning, Public opinions are divergent. closely reasoned and well argued. My personal point of view, from the perspective of network marketing, market positioning is the location of the space in the minds of consumers, the purpose is to let consumers in the brain cells of cognition, in a higher position, this position is effective. What is the best position to personally appreciate Jack’s approach: NO.1 Or NO.2, the first is always the best.

network marketing program fifth fulcrum: marketing channel

channel, in essence, is where to reach consumers, specifically target customers, in the form of a variety of media and media. This is not to say that we all understand. Talk about the main purpose of the marketing channel is a simple point, the channel is to drain, the consumer guide to their own website, the marketing channels and marketing channels docking, mainly to grab >