WeChat public number commonly used powder method full resolution

as many people ridicule all your dreams are based on the "I’m rich" the basis for WeChat, the number of public operators, it is still a curse, all of our WeChat marketing plans seem to have added a prerequisite, so I have the fans.

indeed, fans (WeChat public number is called the user, where we are unified as a fan, in order to understand) so important, it is necessary for us to do a good job in WeChat marketing. However, in my opinion, every operator should have a fan of the limit, beyond this limit, you can not increase, do not have to increase fans. So you see, much hyped Huang Taiji, their Sina micro-blog fans has just exceeded 100 thousand, the number of fans and they seemed to be in the micro marketing industry, fame, but they still live very moist, because 100 thousand of their fans enough, a fried cake shop, you don’t expect let it have so many fans millet


so for businesses, can not blindly pursue the number of fans, but also to improve the quality of fans.

gossip is, let me give you an analysis of WeChat public, various means of increasing the fans, the first thing to note is that no so-called best method, in alphabetical order, the WeChat operators, not only the most suitable method for the best.

online method

1, the use of WeChat’s public search ranking plus powder

you know, WeChat on the "add friends" in the function has a "find a public number search tool, it can directly through WeChat keywords to search public number related, such as you search for" Beijing "is the WeChat keyword, will come out a lot of public number, click on the account can be subscribed to the WeChat public No. the. According to my previous survey of user sources, the use of this way to subscribe to my WeChat public number is quite a lot.

the ranking of search results has certain rules, according to the influence factors related to size, WeChat > WeChat > certification; micro-blog > certification; active users of > the number of fans, that is to say, first of all you need to take a good name, so you can get – ranking second authentication key basically, lining up in front of WeChat is the number of certified public, and finally the fan activity and the number of fans.

2, circle of friends

circle of friends is a natural WeChat number of public communication platform, an important means of access to the user is also a lot of WeChat large fortune through the circle of friends. However, the use of the circle of friends must be careful to increase the fans, WeChat official circle of friends to combat malicious marketing is very strict.

circle of friends to increase powder, there are three common forms of

(1) prizes to induce users to subscribe, such as point of praise and other activities, but the use of prizes must be careful to induce businesses, WeChat official in the fight against this approach;

(2) trumpet mode, i.e.