The voice of employees of nternet start-ups

I am 22 years old this year, entered the society for 7 years, in large and small companies have about 7, has not found a suitable for their own business, early is basically stay in the factory do general workers, in 2012 after entering the Internet every day, take a newspaper, a cup of coffee a day, a long time you will find this is not what you want.

Ma Yunceng said, there are only two reasons for the resignation of employees, or the money is not in place, or is the heart wronged, but in my experience of the past 7 years, the total feeling of this matter and money does not matter.



experience in Internet Co is basically a small business, because of the influence of education, I have no way to contact large enterprises more things, and I have always wanted to enter the big companies as prime minister, might as well go to the small emperor, so I have to choose a small company, basically my department is I a person, so relative freedom.

but small company certainly will not let you be responsible for their own third of an acre, so in the network to promote the employees of small companies also need to repair a computer, a projector printer monitoring what, even without the Internet or mobile phone and colleagues are also responsible for the promotion, the top post, speaking in his heart, doing miscellaneous the thing is with the city’s lowest paid.

also have unusual colleagues, may be done in their position, seek their position". Put too much, too much, finally will do too much, so no matter what, do what should do their own thing, time, and need the basic opinion that this is not wrong, you too much, too much control of others thought you love the limelight, finally, make company complex relationship is not a good thing.

remember a boss once told me, 60 after 70 after 80 money money work, work, money do not 90. The different times, different working conditions, I feel not because of money problems, which they will do, in other words, a day’s wages to tens of dollars, of which 90 because tens of dollars to sell their own personality, and the 60, 70, 80 and 90 with them social personality has been conquered.

value may be the most desired

I think, in a company can let 90 employees do, do happy. The only way is to allow employees to find their own value, this point may be different from other years, they only work with salary, while 90 is needed in their industry which make their own achievements, this is not for the boss or a leader, but to a sure, at the beginning of 90 is mixed to the workplace is not short of money, can be said that I met colleagues pumping is basically more than 50 yuan a pack of cigarettes a day, Shenzhen is the lowest wage (1800 yuan / month). In contact with life, they never say anything to the salary, but who is always complaining about who is not good with other issues.

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