Several methods of local industry portal website promotion

for a local industry portal, if maintaining a stable flow is a very important issue. Many similar sites exist today and tomorrow may IP2000 IP5000, 1000, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow is 5000, IP is very unstable, the lack of a fixed readership, the website lacks enough power.

such sites often are relatively similar, representing the region where the relevant industry field, the industry has a certain reputation but has been unable to expand the influence, can be a powerful and unconstrained style any structure web site, but did not have enough money to support the normal operation of promotion and site, and even can not guarantee the overall stability of information release and update. So most is in the state of half-dead.

such sites if you can note the following points, I believe that the solution to this problem can be helpful.

first: website promotion, through the SEO optimization and a large number of information to increase the search engine search and keywords ranking. This is the most important way. But this is more suitable for business or personal website, because this kind of website content is simple and clear, show the source of information is less, as long as there is a click can achieve the goal. The local industry site more plates, the display of information sources are also more, if you can not catch the eye to retain the reader, just click on the keyword search brings the role is not great.

besides, do you hand no big promotion funds, not like a big sites that have a large number of included, on the other hand can easily be classified as a dump, but a blocked all.

second: content first, the most important source of useful information. As we all know, the most fundamental website promotion, or the content and quality of the site itself. A very high quality, attractive website promotion, it is often more effective, instead, a dumpster even promotion again good, also is the only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum IP and promotion of high, short term strength is directly proportional to.

for an industry portal, in the premise of covering the whole industry to information, seize the effective information of the industry in the region, to provide the most updated information about the place, can be more attractive than the website information to do things carelessly. In particular, the industry portal in most areas of the local industry has a strong relationship, based on the regional market, while providing information to other places, this will be a new development path. Taking Zhujianglu Road district as an example, the former is based in Nanjing, Zhujianglu Road, Nanjing to Zhujianglu Road in the positioning coverage for radiation of Jiangsu IT market, clear purpose, provide real-time information for customers in Zhujianglu Road area, the effect is obvious.

third: concentrate for a. Industry portal website is different from the enterprise website and personal site, not just a single positioning theme, must be comprehensive consideration, therefore, in a short period of time must find a