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if you’re in Shanghai, or Guangzhou, have you ever seen an advertisement for travel in the elevator?.

36 krypton exclusive, to cover the whole process of tourism, deep line link free products featuring providers find travel to get all the collar for capital investment, A round investors Shun capital with investment of tens of millions of dollars level B round of financing, which is the capital of LP including the chairman of the board of directors of Focus Media jiangnanchun.

founder Wang Zhenhua said that after the current round of financing, there are only 8 destinations to find travel, will accelerate the expansion of coverage and distribution channels in the destination, the pace of financing will accelerate. Starting from my personal judgment, has been trying to find travel by covering the whole industry chain so as to realize the product experience controllable process – this is the test team operation ability, and once the system to create a mature, in support of the capital is likely to reflect the explosive force.

We previously reported that

travel, this is a pretty pattern of cross-border companies, from the front of the product form is "machine." the free products, collocation options shuttle machine, car, a tour destination product, user groups for young women aged 20-30 years, and the main cost high quality ("young man’s first trip"); the end, Wang Zhenhua said that all products "travel direct mining", such as tickets directly with airlines on the cut, the hotel sign is straight, car drivers are directly linked to

Wang Zhenhua said, found in 2015 revenue data travel is 10 times a year, has maintained a growth rate of around 30% per month, the total annual operating income reached 100 million yuan, currently provides only 8 destinations, but the Kampuchea single destination of passenger volume has been done in the domestic first. Benefit from word of mouth, 70% of its traffic from a friend recommended. Travel has been found in some lines to achieve profitability.

found that there are hundreds of people travel team size, including technology and tourism products is about 46, of which there are about dozens of people travel team, responsible for docking users in all problems overseas.

after obtaining the current round of financing, said Wang Zhenhua plans to market promotion and distribution channels on the action. Thanks to the background of the public capital, found that travel has begun to advertise in Shanghai and Guangzhou Focus Media, and try to do joint marketing with other online brands. On the other hand, found that travel will be completed with a number of offline channels distribution.

for a long time, the tourism industry is to complete the product design and development under the line, mainly online sales model, while the upside down form is rare. Wang Zhenhua said, looking for the channel line is based on two considerations, one is the flow, are in contact with travel agency found that many Southern China area under the line, hoping to become a distribution channel; on the other hand is king "