How to use personalized reading community promotion website

is now more and more diverse ways to promote the site, it is easy for the promoters to become confused, each method has been tried is not suitable for their own website promotion methods. In fact, many of the existing promotion methods are very effective, it depends on whether you are careful, whether to adhere to, whether there is innovation. As a personalized reading community, I burn the network is a very good platform for the promotion of the site and content promotion can be very good results.

I was initially a blog network aggregation platform, polymerization of a variety of blog, to provide free blog promotion services. Recently, I have been fully open the network to burn the site to join the restrictions, allowing all content sites sync to my network, for free promotion. But before the promotion, you need to prepare to do the following work.

1, make sure your site supports RSS output

when you put your site address synchronization to burn my network, it will be submitted by the URL you analyze the site’s RSS synchronization. Synchronization requires me to burn the network audit staff to review the classification, so the synchronization process takes time. So make sure that your site is RSS output and is available, otherwise there will be no synchronization. There are a number of managed RSS service providers that are blocked, such as FeedBurner, so choose a more stable RSS service provider.

two, improve user information

to improve your I burn nets user data, avatar, nickname one less, I burn in net page, the publisher of the picture and nickname is very conspicuous, so it must be put into his head site logo in perfect material, at the same time the nickname to the name of the web site so, you can ensure that your exposure rate. In addition, you can also use the personal homepage address modification for website name or domain name spelling, all can help propaganda material is applied, to the promotion function to the extreme.

three, interactive

synchronization to the site after I can not indulge in the network, the promotion of good and bad effects are directly related to your maintenance. I burn the network is to take care of the system, as long as you can get more fans, the effect is more prominent promotion. So often in I burn nets maintain the interaction with the reader comments must respond positively, you can also leave footprints in the other articles, comment on other people’s articles or add wood for others, can let you see other readers, so as to enhance the more exposure rate.

In addition to

, I have some very good promotion network for users to use. Since it is a personalized reading community, can not do without its natural features. Hot text list to maximize the rate of increase for you to show, the article on the hot article, and the amount of its views will increase the amount of hundreds of thousands of firewood. Related reading allows the reader to be immersed in the publisher’s article, which shows that the relevant content is derived from the same publisher, so it can